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The AOT represents all otolaryngology trainees in the UK. All trainees are automatically members and there is no cost. The purpose of the AOT is to represent trainee viewpoints to the bodies responsible for training in ENT and the provision of ENT services.

We provide further information on who we are and what we represent. You can discover more about a career in otolaryngology in the UK.

The AOT has an annual conference and we have an excellent library of links to useful sites and information about free resources available to AOT members. This includes discounted Royal Society of Medicine membership.

Most importantly you can apply to join the AOT for free and interact with other members via the forum.

The moderated forum is always full of new information and lively discussion.

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You will need a Google account so you can sign in to Google groups. The simplest way is to register for a free Gmail account, since if you use Gmail, your email address and password will be your login details for Google Groups. However, if you don't want to use Gmail, you can register for an account with a different email address here:


News and Updates

AOT conference 13-14th July in Sheffield- registration now OPEN!

Please encourage your juniors to submit abstracts- perfect for Core training and ST3 applications.

Emergency Logbook
Many thanks to Costas Mamais for the Google calendar of ENT courses and events which you can access below or on the resources page.
Calendar of ENT events and courses

The AOT represent ENT at the Association of Surgeons in Training (ASiT) and make sure we as ENT trainees have a voice in raising issues and influencing policy for surgical training. The next ASiT annual conference will take place in Bournemouth, 31st March-2nd April 2017.
ASiT Conference 2017

A list of otology fellowships has now been added. Thanks to Charlie Huins for this.
Otology fellowships