History of the AOT

The AoT beginnings . . . .

In 1988 the Leeds Senior Registrars, John Pickles (Luton) Mark Terry (Farnborough) and Malcolm Clayton (S Wales) decided to invite all the ENT SRs to a meeting.

It was an outstanding success academically and socially. In those days there were fewer than 80 SRs and many of us knew each other from the registrar circuit.

As a result of that event, I volunteered to hold the 2nd event in Nottingham in April 1989. As the single SR in my department I was a little optimistic!

In the event a good time was indeed had by all and I introduced the name AoT and became the first President.

Since then with the introduction of the SpR grade, the Association has expanded and remains healthy. I am proud to be an Honorary member.

Professor Tony Narula

Presidents of the AoT

2018-19 Sid Nagala
2017-18 Tamsin Mayberry
2016-17 Neil Sharma
2015-16 Rob Nash
2013-15 Zaid Awad
2012-13 May Yaneza
2011-12 Suki Ahluwalia
2010-11 Jo Rimmer
2008-10 Charlie Giddings
2006-08 Ram Moorthy
2004-06 James Powles
2003-04 Steve Backhouse
2002-03 John Frewer
2000-02 Simon Watts
1999-00 Phil Harries
1998-99 Jonny Harcourt
1992-93 Andrew Parker
1991-92 Des Watson
1990-91 Martin Siodlak
1989-90 Antony Narula